What Does My (Fill-in-the-Blank) Look Like?

Maps are a fascinating way to put visual explanation to vague placenames, directional references, and navigational descriptions in a way that is wonderfully simple and revealing. I have made posts about Google Maps and mind maps and this idea of creating through our actions maps throughout the city and spaces we traverse. However, as the … More What Does My (Fill-in-the-Blank) Look Like?

Making a Path

When I decided to spend my second week of Easter Break exploring Wales, I was so excited that I jumped on Google Maps and started starring every place I could possibly want to go. I consulted a friend who had visited Cardiff and some surrounding areas, asked a half-Welsh friend of mine where I should … More Making a Path

Wales Illustrated

Just because something is written or largely text-based does not mean it is not an illustration. My week in Wales, experiencing the sites and sounds of Cardiff as well as innumerable sheep pastures and walking from Knighton to Machynlleth, did not afford me much time to draw my surroundings, but it gave me plenty of … More Wales Illustrated