Wales Illustrated

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Just because something is written or largely text-based does not mean it is not an illustration. My week in Wales, experiencing the sites and sounds of Cardiff as well as innumerable sheep pastures and walking from Knighton to Machynlleth, did not afford me much time to draw my surroundings, but it gave me plenty of time to take it in and reflect on it later. The rhythm of my day was breakfast, walk, snack/lunch, walk, supper, sleep, repeat. Quick notes to myself jotted here (edited for privacy) remind me of many different moments and places I encountered along the way. Though I was not able to sketch the landscape such as I was experiencing it in the moment, these small blips of text recall to mind those scenes almost more vividly than sketches would, in this case. With each word is a story, just as with each day came a new barrage of considerations, challenges, and celebrations!


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