Cramond Island, Sketches

A free day thanks to Edinburgh University’s “Festival of Creative Learning” (also known as, “no classes, thus an opportunity to procrastinate and opportunity to catch up on all my other procrastination”) affords me the chance to jump on a bike and make my way across Edinburgh to Cramond Island, a small uninhabited island in the Firth of Forth, accessible via a causeway only usable during low tide. In spite of the cold and the intense wind (who’s idea was it to bike headlong into the wind anyway?), it was a beautiful day and, thanks to a handy rubber band, I managed to get a few sketches in. Click on one of the images below to get a better look (and apologies for the quality – the university copy/scanners aren’t exactly top-dollar!).

I definitely plan to return to Cramond and explore more of the island when it is warmer, and I also look forward to doing more on bikes! The trails around Edinburgh are really amazing, connected to the Scotland National Cycle Network and providing a safe route to the majority of main areas in the Edinburgh metro area. As this was my first time biking in Scotland, I was a bit hesitant about cycling on the road among traffic, not knowing the majority of the rules and norms. I will do more research on this; the roads throughout Edinburgh are majorly very much made for bike and automobile traffic – I just need to learn how to read the road signs!


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